Elder Care Greenwich CT - Is the Coronavirus Causing Stress in Your Elderly Loved One?

Since the coronavirus pandemic started, many people all throughout the world are experience higher levels of stress. Is your elderly loved one feeling stressed due to the coronavirus? If so, they are not alone. The first step is for you and their elder care providers to find out if they are stressed. Some of the signs that you should look out for are mentioned below.

Elder Care Greenwich CT - Is the Coronavirus Causing Stress in Your Elderly Loved One?
Elder Care Greenwich CT – Is the Coronavirus Causing Stress in Your Elderly Loved One?

Worry and Fear

Your elderly loved one may be feeling stressed about the coronavirus. If they seem worried or fearful that they or their family members and friends are going to become ill due to this virus, it could be causing them stress. While there may not be any way for you to completely lift these worries and fears from your loved one, you can assure them that you are alright. Call them every day or every other day to let them know you are staying safe. This could help to ease their worries and reduce their stress.

Eating or Sleep Pattern Changes

Since the coronavirus pandemic started, have you or your loved one’s elder care providers noticed your loved one is having changes to their eating or sleep patterns? If so, this could be caused by the stress they are feeling in relation to the virus. They may be eating more than they should or not eating enough at all. The same could be happening for their sleep. If you notice these changes in your loved one, be sure to talk to them. Find out what exactly they are stressed about and try to relieve some of that stress.

Trouble Concentrating

Have you noticed that your elderly loved one is having trouble concentrating since the coronavirus pandemic began? This may be caused by their high stress levels. Stress can cause concentration and focus issues. If your loved one is having trouble concentrating, it might help to have their elder care provider spend more quality time with them. It could also help to check in on them via Facebook messenger calls or regular phone calls throughout the week. The more they know that everyone they love is alright, the less stressed they may be.

Increased Use of Tobacco or Alcohol

Does your elderly loved one normally smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol? Have they been smoking or drinking more since the coronavirus pandemic began? If so, they may be stressed about the entire situation. If this is the case, for the purpose of their health, it is important to get to the root of their stress. What exactly about the coronavirus is causing their increased stress? If you get to the bottom of this, you may be able to help them get their tobacco and alcohol use back under control.

These are some of the things that you may notice if the coronavirus is causing stress in your elderly loved one. If these things are happening, talk to your elderly loved one. Make sure they know you are there for support if you need them.

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