Home Care Greenwich CT - What Exercises Should Your Elderly Parent Be Doing?


Is your elderly loved one 50 or older? If so, this exercise information is important for them. Exercise is essential for people of all ages. It helps to promote healthy living and increase longevity for many people. It can also help to improve one’s mood and keep people active. There are many exercises that people age 50 and older should be doing. Keep reading here to find out which exercises you and home care providers should be encouraging your elderly loved one to do.

Home Care Greenwich CT - What Exercises Should Your Elderly Parent Be Doing?
Home Care Greenwich CT – What Exercises Should Your Elderly Parent Be Doing?

Cardio Exercises

It is important for people 50 and older to do cardio exercises. In fact, it is recommended for people of this age to do cardio for 30 minutes a day. Some of the cardio exercises that would be good for your elderly loved one would be swimming, running, biking, and brisk walks. If your elderly loved one can only do exercises regularly that are easy on their joints, swimming would be a great option.

Strength Training Exercises

As people age, their muscles aren’t as big as they used to be. One of the things that will help your elderly loved one to maintain their muscle mass is strength training exercises. These exercises help to regulate your elderly loved one’s glucose metabolism, as well. This means that if your elderly loved one does strength training exercises regularly, they have a better chance of fighting off diabetes. Some of the strength training exercises that might be good for your elderly loved one include resistance bands, lunges, modified squats, and pushups. It would be a great idea to have you or a home care provider watch your elderly loved one while they are doing these exercises to ensure they stay safe.

Flexibility Training Exercises

Your elderly loved one would also benefit from flexibility training exercises. There are so many senior citizens that tense and in pain. If your elderly loved one practices these exercises for even 5-10 minutes a day, it can help to relieve tension in their body. Most elderly people find that doing flexibility training exercises in the morning helps them to move around better throughout the day. They also find that doing these exercises before bed helps them to sleep better.

These are some of the exercises that your elderly parent should be doing. If they need help creating an exercise schedule, they can talk to you or one of their home care providers for help with this.


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