Homecare Bridgeport CT - A Guide to Foot Care for Your Dad

By the time you’re 70, most people have walked more than 25,000 miles. It’s about 4,600 miles from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, to Anchorage, Alaska. Based on that distance, the average 70-year-old has walked the equivalent of Massachusetts to Alaska over five times.

Homecare Bridgeport CT - A Guide to Foot Care for Your Dad
Homecare Bridgeport CT – A Guide to Foot Care for Your Dad

Your dad’s feet have walked a lot over the decades. While his feet have had a major role in his life, it’s unlikely he’s taken care of his feet the way they deserve. These are the things he should be doing for his feet.

Wash and Moisturize the Feet Daily

Each day, your dad needs to wash his feet with soap and water. When he’s done his shower or bath, he needs to dry his feet completely and add a moisturizer. Don’t let him forget to dry between his toes.

Do Foot Stretches

He also needs to stretch his feet each day. Ankle rolls and heel flexes help stretch the muscles of the foot. He can also curl his toes and relax them to make sure the muscles in his toes and the ball of his foot get a workout.

Trim Nails

Your dad needs to trim his toenails each week. If they get too long, the edges of the nails can cut into other toes when he puts shoes on.

To cut the nails, he wants toenail clippers and to cut straight across. An emery board can dull any rough or ragged edges. If his nails are discolored or have thick patches, he may have toenail fungus. He should talk to his doctor about treatment options.

Wear Loose Socks

Your dad can wear socks, but he doesn’t want to wear super tight socks. If his doctor recommends compression socks, he should ask for brands to look at. Generally, a sock that’s too tight may restrict circulation. He doesn’t want to do that.

Go For a Shoe Fitting

It’s normal to buy shoes online or in a store. There is a strong chance that your dad is not wearing the right size. Shoes that fit properly help prevent foot pain, blisters, and sores.

Is your dad caring for his feet? Does he check for pressure sores, blisters, and cracked skin? If not, he could miss a wound or sore that could become infected. He needs to take care of his feet.

Homecare aides offer help with foot care. Call our homecare agency to discuss your dad’s abilities and make the arrangements that meet his needs while he ages at home.

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