Tips On Dementia Care at Home

By Grace Smith, RN, BSN Some dementia causes are irreversible but there is still some things that families can do to help their loved ones continue to function as much as possible. Creating a safe, comfortable and supportive environment for someone with dementia is of utmost importance. The following are tips that families of persons with dementia can use to help reduce some of the stress that they may have: Techniques for Dementia Care Daily Routine Following a daily routine pattern can be especially helpful for those dealing with general confusion; plan major activities around that time of day when your loved one is less confused or is more cooperative;… Read More

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Dementia Can Somehow Drive Friends and Family Away

It was approaching Christmas time when Darrell and his wife Melinda decided to just get away. This would be the first Christmas they weren’t home since their children were born. Both of their kids were done with college now with one of them married with their own child, and they lived a long distance away. For the past year, though, Darrell and Melinda had been trying to help her father who had been diagnosed with dementia two years ago. Melinda’s father had remarried and she didn’t have a very strong relationship with his spouse. However, Melinda understood there were going to be extreme challenges in looking after her father, but… Read More

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